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AEV JK D44 Differential Cover

AEV JK D44 Differential Cover

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The JK Wrangler's front and rear differentials are susceptible to all sorts of damage that can leave you stranded out on the trail. The AEV Differential Cover adds both refined styling and rugged protection to your JK's front and rear differentials. Designed specifically for the 2007+ JK Wrangler, the AEV Differential Cover is manufactured out of nodular iron and is engineered to strengthen the differential housing while also protecting the ring and pinion from the rigors of off-roading.

The AEV JK Differential Cover features recessed bolt heads and a unique over-sized fill plug that makes fluid changes a breeze, while also allowing for a visual inspection of the ring gear assembly. Another key feature of the AEV JK Differential Cover is the unique front and rear fluid level check plugs located on the face of the cover. Chrysler recommends two different fluid capacities in the front and rear differential housings, so these plugs are strategically positioned at the correct recommended fluid level for each differential.

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