AEV Jeep JK Hi-Lift / Pull-Pal Mount

AEV Jeep JK Hi-Lift / Pull-Pal Mount

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This rugged bolt-on mount is engineered to install quickly, fit snugly, and provide a solid, vibration-free storage solution for the popular Hi- Lift Jack and Pull-Pal Land Anchor.

We’ve carefully placed this mount directly above the large, chassis mounted spindle-housing of the Tire Carrier. This takes the load of these tools off the Tire Carrier and tailgate and puts it right into the chassis where it belongs. This means your Tire Carrier and tailgate will continue to work easily and you’ll get years of reliable service from both.

Note: Our Hi-Lift Jack/Pull-Pal Mount was designed for Hi-Lift and Pull-Pal brand tools. AEV cannot guarantee that similar-looking tools from other manufactures will fit this mount.

Note: The Hi-Lift/Pull-Pal Mount was designed for the 11,000lb. Pull-Pal model.

Note: The Hi-Lift/Pull-Pal Mount will accommodate up to a 37" tire with both the Hi-Lift and Pull-Pal mounted. Without the Pull-Pal mounted it may accommodate  up to a 40" tire.

Key Features:

• Fits on AEV Tire Carrier
• Weight channeled into chassis
• Vibration-free design
• Convenient location
• Textured black powdercoat finish

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