AEV Jeep JK Shock Upgrade:  Bilstein 5160 Remote Reservoir Shocks

AEV Jeep JK Shock Upgrade: Bilstein 5160 Remote Reservoir Shocks

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AEV-tuned Bilstein 5160 Remote Reservoir Shocks for the 2007+ JK Wrangler offer increased performance for our customers who regularly travel over long distances of rough terrain. The AEV 5160's feature a custom tune developed jointly by Bilstein and AEV engineers specifically for AEV's DualSport Suspensions.

The key to the 5160 is its remote reservoir which provides a much larger gas chamber than the conventional Bilstein 5100 Series Shocks.  This larger chamber allows for far greater tolerance to the oil expansion and pressure increase that occurs as operating temperatures climb inside the shock.  Greater tolerance means reduced oil foaming and ultimately more consistent ride performance.

These shocks are included with our 3.5" and 4.5" DualSport RS JK Suspension Systems, but are also available as an upgrade to existing owners of our DualSport SC JK Suspension Systems.

Key Features:

• Improved performance on rough terrain
• Increased wheel travel and more shaft movement
• Bilstein's special swivel banjo fittings on the reservoir hose allow for 360° of rotation
• Greater tolerance to oil expansion

Please note: The AEV/Bilstein 5160 series shock absorbers included in this kit feature a Bilstein Triple C zinc plated finish. This finish must be serviced regularly in order to maintain its luster. Particularly in moist climates, a protective coating, such as wax or lubricating oil should be applied to prevent tarnishing. The finish is not covered under warranty.

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