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AEV's JK Tubeless Front Bumper

AEV's JK Tubeless Front Bumper

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Based on the tried and true design of our Premium Front Bumper, the stylish stamped steel face of the Tubeless Front Bumper is built to withstand all the rocks, mud and brush you can throw at it while providing a very sleek, sophisticated look.

The JK Tubeless Front Bumper includes auxiliary light mounts, factory fog light mounts, and crush cans to help correct low speed air bag deployment. It also receives an OE-level double stage paint process to help keep Mother Nature at bay. AEV’s JK Tubeless Front Bumper now takes its place as the industry’s second stamped steel bumper – behind AEV’s original JK Premium Front Bumper. Like the original it offers style and protection like no other.

Key Features:

• Auxiliary light mounts     • 2 stage paint process
• Polyester textured black powdercoat
    • Factory fog light mounts
• Decorative stainless steel mesh     • Reinforced flat area on underside for hi-lift jack
• Airbag crush cans     • 1/2" steel, chassis-mounted tow points
• Optional Winch Mount     • Max approach angle fits 37" tires with no rubbing
• Optional Skid Plate     • Fits most low mount planetary winches up to 9,500lbs

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