About Us!


Sreamin Lizard Customs was an idea literally born out of necessity. Unlike many after market custom shops,  Screamin Lizard Customs is actually a subsidiary of Grubbs Nissan located in Bedford, Texas.The dealership was established in 1948 and has long been an enthusiast for street performance and off-road activities.  However, as more and more and more of our own customers requested that the dealership provide them with even further "out there" custom products with the training and certifications required, we found ourselves in a unique position to literally control the entire process, from design,  to manpower, all in one facility.  And that’s when decided to devote an entire division to nothing but customization, hence, Screamin Lizard Customs.

We talk to our customers at length so we have a full understanding on exactly what you want. And because we do all of the work ourselves and sub nothing out, the transition from “idea” to the final product is seamless.  We’re pretty fanatical about the Live Out Loud lifestyle ourselves and we routinely participate in the many of the off road Jeep Jamborees with our friends and customers.  We hope to invite you to join us on a off-road course or racing event, if you’ve got game.